CSA #9 and canary melon yogurt cups, a.k.a. pure bliss.

Holy holy. D is out of town this weekend so I went to CSA alone and look at all this greatness! I don’t know how I am going to be able to eat, pickle, or make tzatziki with all these cucumbers. Must be time to start juicing them! This is that time of year I always start feeling like Bubba in Forest Gump with all the large amounts of the same thing so often. I love it.

Vegetable share:
1 pint red cherry tomatoes
6 Potatoes
4 Cucumbers, white and/or green
1 onion
1 regular red tomato
4 sweet corn

Fruit share:
5 peaches
12 donut peaches
1 Garden of Eve-grown canary/sun jewel melon

Flower share: zinnias, sunflowers, celosia, etc.

Egg share: ½ dozen pastured eggs

Now, I have also been sick, and so my friend came and helped me carry everything, which was awesome cause its pretty heavy to carry alone, although the downside to having company is that they just don’t have the same love invested in their carry on. And that is how, somehow, the flowers did not make it back to the house. I do not know what happened to them, but they were gone when I walked back to the park to find them, and they were nowhere to be found. I would have almost preferred to see them crushed under the BQE so at least there would be no mystery. I shall pretend that an adorable old Polish couple was walking along and found them.

Regardless, it was hot as shit this past weekend, and so when we got home feeling like we had just gone for a jog inside someone’s mouth, I made us a nice refreshing breakfast.

Its so friggin easy, its one of my favorite things to do. Basically these canary/sun jewel melons are the perfect size to cut in half, and then you just scoop out the seeds and TA DA. Edible bowl. This makes my efficiency button sing.

I smashed blackberries in the bottom, and layered them with yogurt and peaches all the way to the top, which I sprinkle with cinnamon and sometimes honey.

Another spoonful of yogurt and another handful of fruit and voila. Its like a breakfast ice cream cone. Only healthy. But still crack-like.

5 thoughts on “CSA #9 and canary melon yogurt cups, a.k.a. pure bliss.

  1. hahahaha! i know it isn’t much but i like to take a couple slices of cucumber in my water every day. kinda delicious.

    …if you want, i’d love you to include this post tomorrow for the Wednesday Fresh Foods Blog Hop. Come by if you like and link up 🙂 xo, kristy.

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