salt & vinegar potato chips!

OK. So if left to my own devices I could live on potato chips. Of any kind. Zapp’s Voodoo chips, Doritos, Kettle Chips, my favorite McClure’s Spicy Pickle Chips, It doesn’t matter. I love that salty, unhealthy crunch. Lately I have cut them from my diet. It has not been fun. I made a deal with myself that I could have some this week if I made them myself. And I baked them. I was afraid. But its about time I posted something unhealthy on here! Also I had to wait for it to cool down outside. And I need a sweater today, so that time has come. And it is a GOOD TIME.

These are

Nutrition – Better than store-bought!

Makes – Enough.

You Need –

10 little red potatoes (Mine were from the CSA)
A lot of vinegar. I used white.
Sea salt
Olive oil

Now, my mandoline is not great and does not do potatoes well, much less paper thin ones. I used a vegetable peeler and then reserved the leftover nubs in a separate bowl to make a roasted version. When all is peeled, cover in vinegar. I used about 3/4 vinegar and 1/4 water. Let them soak for a minimum of two hours and then drain.

Preheat the oven to 450. Toss potatoes with as much or as little olive oil and salt as you like. Layer in a single file line on a baking rack and place on a pan. Do not try and use just a pan. You will regret it. Bake for 20-30 minutes depending on your oven and take out when they’re browned and crisp. I may or may not have gotten excited and grabbed a handful to try and then realized I should take a photo of how they look on the rack.

Its just that I haven’t had chips in so long and they are SO GOOD!!! Drain ’em a bit on a paper towel while you eat. haha.

Also, this may come as a surprise, but these are actually great on top of soup. AND they’re amazing when done with sunchokes instead of potatoes like on this awesome parsnip and sunchoke soup I made, that I can’t give you the recipe for because it isn’t mine. : )

Next time I think Ima have to try and make Doritos. I am craving neon cheese powder.



4 thoughts on “salt & vinegar potato chips!

  1. Potato chips are my weakness. They are fried, salty, crunchy . . . argh! They are SO good!

    Never made them at home before though. You make it look so easy and delicious! Must rectify.

    Can’t wait to see what home-made Doritos are like!

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