CSA 10 + 11 + Kale n Beet juice

I totally failed last week. Was really sick and couldn’t gather the energy to post, and then when I felt better, was of course too busy making up for lost time to do it. And so you get double the produce! The amounts are picking up too so that is exciting. BUT I have been going to friend’s Wednesday pickup and they totally get more than us.

I used the beets and part of the cucumber in a juice below.How awesome looking is this beet? Its like I’m peeeeenching him!

The tomato, zucchini and corn got grilled and eaten with burgers one day, and in with the lettuce as salads all the rest.

The apricots got turned in to the sugar in a hot pepper jam, I will be posting that Monday or so. And the eggplant was made in to baba ganoush, which I was unhappy with and will be trying again. If anyone has a solid recipe to share, please do!

Red Tomato
Purple Pepper
6 Sweet corn
Chioggia Beets

1 lb Apricots
Canary Melon

½ Dozen Pastured Eggs


These pretty much died an hour later. I think a lot of flowers aren’t meant to be decapitated.

And then TODAY we got a bevy of rainbow beauties~

BUT – We got one single baby bok choy again! WTF is that? You can kiiind of see him if you squint at the bottom right of the corn. I don’t get it. Just sell them at the farm stand and give us something else. How are my roommate and I sharing ONE tiny bok choy? What are we making? We just chuck them in juice or cut them up as sprinkles for salads.

Also, with my roommate not eating any sugars, I am having a hard time finishing all these melons that keep coming in on top of all the other fruit, So I took the melon bullet for everyone at my CSA today when they had a runt no one wanted. He is SO SMALL! It’s adorable. The yellow heirloom tomato is bigger than him! I am super excited about all these fucking tomatoes, I can’t even tell you. I had been buying them every week, as tomatoes are just one of those things that just SUCKS out of season, so I really like to overdose on tomatoes this time of year. BLTs, tomato pie, tomatoes in my salad, shit, I even eat them like apples with fresh ground black pepper. Its funny, when I was younger I thought I disliked raw tomatoes. Turns out I just hadn’t had a good one! Weird how many things have been like that for me. Ricotta and Gin immediately come to mind. Regardless, there is totally tomato heaven in my future.

Heirloom Tomato
Cherry tomatoes
2 Sweet corn
Baby bok choy
Purple Pepper
2 Hot peppers
Crap ton of Mesclun

Canary Melon
1 lb apricots

½ Dozen Pastured Eggs


Old Chatham Shepherding SHEEP’S MILK yogurt in plain and maple
BUTTER!!!!!!!! FINALLY!!!!!
And more awesome Goodale mozz to go with all those amazing tomatoes and basil. NOM

According to my roommate, sheep’s milk is supposed to be easier to digest and more diverse in vitamins with 100% more protein than Cow milk yogurt. And I have to say, it is WAY tastier too. I immediately dumped the plain one in to a bowl with the blackberries and it was deeeeevine.

And on to KALE JUICE!

I am sharing this one for anyone who dislikes vegetables. This juice does not taste dirty like beets or at all like kale. I have no idea why this is. I was on a broccoli kick for a week and I saved all the stems to juice out of curiousity, and so maybe that had something to do with it? Regardless, I wanted to share it. Roomie ALSO just got a new top of the line slow press juicer, so I had to try it!

Chopped in a bowl –

2 golden beets
2 candy stripe beets
3 stalks basil
1 lemon (also rind removed)
8 purple carrots
2 green apples
half a massive cucumber
chopped stems from 4 heads of broccoli (I know. When I get on a kick…)

Chopped to the side

A shit ton of kale.

Rotate a handful of kale and a chunk from the bowl until you’re out! I recommend doing this while watching serial killer movies so the noise of the juicer adds to the drama.

I drank a large glass with some bee pollen and totally forgot to take a picture. But it really did make a lot. I like juicing because its an easy breakfast for me, but I always feel bad for wasting. And your leftovers will settle a lot when you make a juice like this, which is really pretty. Don’t be alarmed.

It seriously almost tastes like nothing. Evidently everything cancelled each other out. So, not very exciting for me, but if you hate getting in all our veggies, it could be perfect for you!



One thought on “CSA 10 + 11 + Kale n Beet juice

  1. I’ve been feeling under the weather too! Summer colds are the WORST! Glad to hear that you are doing better. This all looks great, Eryn. I could really use that juice right now.

    Btw, your Cockonut Sauce is AWESOME!

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