Pie Party Potluck Live!

So here is what happened with the Pie Party! Every year there is this amazing potluck of pies in both the sweet and savory categories, and food bloggers are asked to come and bring a pie to share. And who doesn’t love pie? Its like casserole, it can be anything.


Sweet Pies…

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Easter egg pinatas.

white bunny

The past few years I have made (and sometimes killed and made) braised bunny for Zombie Jesus Day. This year I am attending a celebration with children and am in charge of getting them supercharged on sugar. Easter egg pinatas it is! You’ll have to wait for pics of them being enjoyed, but in case you need a quick last minute thing to make, I’m here for you.

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2nd Annual NYC Hot Sauce Expo!

It’s time again for the annual NYC Hot Sauce Expo! to be held March 29th and 30th! SO EXCITED to have been asked to be on the Judge’s panel again this year. Even Bon Appetit threw in a contender to judge this year in light of their recent article, The United States of Hot Sauce. Awesome! This video summarizes the experience, and if you need a refresher here is my post from last year.

I was smarter this year and only brought my absolute favorites home with me, as I still have unopened bottles from last year. I’ll also go ahead and spill that the Horseshoe Peach pictured at the bottom is my new favorite brand/flavor. SO good. I’ll be eating it with a spoon and on everything I eat for the rest of the year.

One of the best parts of judging this year…

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HeartBeet Ravioli

I wanted to share my love for my friend Maggie of Magpies NYC, so she is guest posting her awesome recipe for what I have dubbed HeartBeet Ravioli!

She makes adorable baked things like so, should you need some sweet treats in your life. And I think that you do.

But for now, I am going to let her tell you what to do with that surplus of CSA beets we all have!

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green chile and artichoke soup

photo stolen from Food Film Fest Flickr

Back in October I competed in the Green Chile Takedown at the Food Film Fest in Manhattan. The ONLY thing I wanted to make was green chile soup, because I will never forget the artichoke and green chile soup I had on my California Trip a couple years back. And whaddaya know, I won second place!

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CSA Overload! 19, 20, 21, 22, and 23.

Lets face it. I am as much a failure as that Edible Arrangements delivery I passed on my way to pick up the last CSA. This post is for my personal reference, and the three of you that actually want to see all the CSA hauls and flowers I didn’t show you while I was swamped with work. Now that it is a holiday, I have some free time whilst digesting awesomely unhealthy things, and I shall overload you with images of fresh produce to counteract your overloaded plates. You can daydream about all the healthy things you will make…for next week.

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cranberry salsa with sweet potato chips

If you, like me, love cranberry sauce, but not the super sweet gross kind, you will love this. Last year I mixed some horseradish with some leftover sauce and spread it on a turkey sammich and it was so divine that this year I decided I wanted to make a spicy cranberry salsa. You might also remember the time I made cranberry basil vodka.

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I am thankful for YOU. A recipe and a giveaway.

I know I owe you a lot, dear readers. I am working hard on my new clothing line, and I have all of my focus there. But in celebration of my 200th post, and the upcoming holiday, I wanted to share something with you. I was lucky enough to get a copy of Robin Robertson’s newest cookbook, one-dish vegan AND a copy to give to one of you. Robin’s 30 Days of Vegan Cooking campaign is currently live on her blog and she’s sharing one recipe from the revised edition of her Vegan Planet cookbook each day in November to promote World Vegan Month. Even though I personally eat all the things, I was vegan for a stint and really enjoy finding new ways to incorporate more vegetables and new ingredients and proteins in to my diet. This is a GREAT book to begin with. Just check out this gorgeous Jamaican-Style Coconut Rice Bowl!

jamaican bowl ZD

You can enter to win a copy simply by commenting what healthy food choice you would like to adopt or learn more about this holiday season, and your email address. Entries will be accepted until noon on Wednesday the 27th, and winners will be chosen at random and announced the same day.

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